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Email and SMS Marketing Agency in Bangalore

Unlock the Power of Email and SMS Marketing with Beta Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore! Elevate your outreach strategy with our expert email and SMS marketing services designed to engage, convert, and succeed. Reach your target audience effectively with tailored campaigns.

Expand your audience. Develop them into customers. Encourage repeat business. We increase your returns by using email, SMS, and many more.

Increase your marketability

A direct channel of communication with your clients and prospects may be your business’s biggest strength. Our finely selected CRO strategy begins right here.

At Beta digital marketing, our strategy of conversion rate optimization (CRO) takes into account every point of contact between the customer and your site. We prioritize quantity and quality. We use data-driven techniques to not only increase but also segment your opt-in customer list for optimum outcomes.

email and sms marketing agency in bangalore

Develop & maintain your brand engagement

We provide an experience for your users that is rich in trust-building, feature exhibiting, and other effective messaging. Your customers will be more invested in your brand, loyal to your products, and willing to buy from you repeatedly.

With  Beta digital marketing, you can reach more people via email, SMS, messenger, and many more. The secret to success is consistency. We deliver precisely targeted messages at the best possible time.

Reach new heights with a message that works

Convert leads into buyers. Customers to committed buyers. It’s not all about the number of views or clicks. Whether it’s increasing leads, increasing e-commerce sales, increasing reviews, or increasing user engagement, we’re here to help you succeed.

Our approach has been tried and found to be effective. We use marketing automation, behavioral targeting, and customized messages to boost Return On Investment.

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Everything required to accomplish the maximum conversion rates

List Growth

Grow your marketable audience to attract more visitors

Custom Email Templates

Elevate your brand through professionally designed, reusable emails.

Automated Email Flows

Curated user experiences that foster trust & inspire action.

Email Campaign Blasts

Encourage customers to purchase with you again.

Email Deliverability

Increase message visibility by keeping an eye on & fixing deliverability issues.

Queries to Make Before Hiring a CRO Agency

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is the process of boosting the percentage of site visitors who take the intended activities (i.e. conversions). In addition to other conversational marketing channels such as Messenger, SMS, Interactive Video, and more, email marketing is currently the most important part of CRO. These techniques, which have been gaining popularity recently, are used to boost user participation and boost revenue. There are a lot of email marketing agencies out there whose only function is to help you make and send emails.

At Beta digital marketing, we take a 360-degree look at your site’s CRO, analyzing each one of the crucial touchpoints throughout the consumer experience. For a larger subscriber base, more earnings, and a greater percentage of site visits converted, it is necessary to implement a comprehensive marketing plan, including content development and campaign builds.

Yes! beta digital marketing is the go-to company for all things related to conversion rate optimization and email marketing for e-commerce websites. We’ll tailor a plan to your company’s needs, employing a lifecycle marketing strategy to boost sales and client retention through measures like promoting customer loyalty and further encouraging repeat purchases. E-commerce has the benefit of producing results rapidly; major e-commerce firms with loyal customers might notice sales within hours or minutes of an email marketing blast.

To this end, we utilize several tried-and-true e-commerce CRO strategies, such as abandoned cart flows, post-purchase flows, seasonal specials, birthday/special-event awards, and loyalty programs.

Yes! For B2B and lead-generating companies, Beta digital marketing offers comprehensive CRO and email marketing services. As a company, we employ a wide range of behavioral marketing tactics to ensure that the appropriate people see the right messages at the right times.

Email marketing may be used for a wide variety of purposes, from expanding your contact base and generating new leads to fostering brand advocacy and fostering word-of-mouth. An excellent method to show you care and to create personal relationships with each of your recipients is to provide them with valuable content through well-timed emails.

For lead generation, certain email acquisition businesses buy email addresses to send your campaigns to in an approach known as outbound emails (or cold email marketing). Through inbound, opt-in email marketing,

we aim to increase overall engagement throughout your email list, which is the focus of our CRO services. We do this by maximizing the effectiveness of your existing email list and using list growth strategies to build and sustain a large and responsive group of customers who are interested in your brand and likely to make more purchases or requests for service. We’ve found that inbound email marketing not only provides the highest ROI for our customers but also has the highest rate of message delivery and the lowest rate of being marked as spam.


To provide our clients with the greatest email marketing solution available,Beta digital marketing has worked with several industry-leading email service providers (ESPs). We are currently approved to work with Klaviyo, MailChimp, Sendinblue, and Omnisend as certified partners. Disappointed that your favourite e-mail service provider wasn’t included? Even now, we have access to a wide range of email solutions that support automation and mass mailings. If you have any questions or want to discuss your requirements, please contact us. It’s not about the ESP itself; it’s about how you choose to use it.

Many small businesses falsely assume they are engaging in email marketing because they have either MailChimp or the Klaviyo software installed on their Shopify site. While this may be true in a strict sense, it is in no way indicative of a well-thought-out approach to email marketing.

Both the ESP account and the results of our collaboration belong solely to our clients. Even if you stop using our services, you still get to keep them.

Beta digital marketing uses both your ESP’s internal information and Google Analytics data to analyze the efficacy of its marketing initiatives. We will monitor the overall size of your mailing list and compare the rate of new subscribers to the rate of people opting out. We will evaluate the efficacy of our efforts by analyzing the CTR, clicks, and opens of our messages.

E-commerce-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) include email marketing income, average order value, and customer retention rates. Key indicators for Lead Generation include new leads, closed wins, and customer retention.

We can also create and monitor KPIs like reviews, recommendations, and survey completions, all of which can be tailored to your business’s specific needs. Your dedicated CRO specialist will include these targets in your reports and go over them with you.

A business’s most lucrative owned media channel may be its list of potential customers. The most typical example is an email list, but this can also include customers who have signed in to receive text messages, Messenger contacts, and users who are enabled to receive push notifications.

Targeted customers can be a company’s savior if used properly. Make steady monthly gains using tried-and-true advertising strategies that concentrate on your most engaged clients. At Beta digital marketing, we use several methods, including pop-ups, exit intent offers, embedded forms, and more, to expand your website’s potential customer base.

To guarantee the greatest outcomes, we regularly put these solutions through their paces and adhere to established standards of practice in the field.

The simple answer is “yes” in this case. When compared to other top marketing channels like social, paid search, and an affiliate, email marketing provides the highest return on investment. The widespread belief that email marketing is no longer effective merely because it has been around for some time is unfounded. When executed properly, email marketing becomes an instrument for maximizing the return on all of your marketing activities and forging deep connections with your clientele. For every dollar put into email marketing, you can expect to see a $44 return. If you’re wanting to expand your internet presence, this demonstrates that email marketing is still a highly rewarding option.

Working with us is a delight for our clients.

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