Expert Digital Marketing Team

Meet Our Expert Digital Marketing Team

At Beta Digital Marketing, we believe in the power of teamwork. Our dedicated and skilled team of digital marketing experts in Bangalore is the driving force behind our success. Get to know the individuals who are passionate about helping your business thrive in the digital landscape.

Meet Our Team

Digital Marketing Manager veersekar

veersekar over a decade of digital marketing experience to the team. He specializes in SEO strategy and content marketing, helping our clients achieve top search engine rankings and maximize their online visibility.

Content Marketing Specialist Raj Patel

Raj crafts compelling content that engages audiences and drives conversions. With his extensive knowledge of content strategy, he helps clients build their brand identity and connect with their target market.

SEO Specialist - Priya R Sharma

Priya technical expertise and analytical skills make her an invaluable asset in improving website rankings and traffic. She keeping up with Google's algorithm changes and enjoys experimenting with new SEO tactics.

Social Media Strategist - Anjali Patel

Anjali is a social media maven who knows the ins and outs of various platforms. She creates and executes social media strategies that boost brand awareness and engagement. Her creative campaigns have a knack for going viral.

Web Designer and Developer - Vikram Joshi

Vikram is the artistic genius behind our web designs. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a strong grasp of coding, he turns ideas into visually stunning and user-friendly websites. Vikram is also an advocate for accessible web design and believes in making the internet a better place for everyone.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Expert - Rajesh

Rajesh is our PPC wizard. He manages advertising campaigns across various platforms, ensuring maximum ROI for our clients. With a keen eye for data and optimization, he continually fine-tunes ad strategies to drive conversions.

Graphic Designer -Aakashini

Akashini is the creative force behind our visual content. Her artistic talents bring life to our clients' branding and marketing materials. She's passionate about creating eye-catching graphics that tell compelling stories.

Data Analyst - Rahul Kapoor

Rahul is a data enthusiast who turns numbers into actionable insights. He crunches data to track campaign performance and uncover opportunities for optimization. His meticulous approach ensures that every decision is data-driven

Email Marketing Specialist - Sophia

Sophia is our email marketing guru. She designs and executes effective email campaigns that drive engagement and conversions. With her expertise in segmentation and personalization, she delivers the right message to the right audience.

Content Writer- Neha

Neha is our skilled Content Writer who crafts engaging and informative content. With a passion for storytelling and a background in journalism, Neha creates articles, blogs, and web copy that captivate readers and boost organic website traffic.
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